Lina Lina / リナリナ

名称未設定 4

ウクレレの歌姫ことLina Lina (リナリナ)。主にウクレレを弾き唄うシンガーソングライター。好きな食べ物はぶどう。

2002年デビューアルバム「getta」をリリース後「LinaLina」「Enjoy!」「Ukulele Lesson LeLeLe」と現在

2009年よりウクレレスクール「Ukulele Lesson LeLeLe」を主宰。都内のほか全国ワークショップも手が

さめ、今夏にはFuji Rock Festival 2015 / Don’s Bar Night に出演。

昨年秋、「毎日が明日」 を含む待望のニューアルバム 「HOME」 をリリース。2月にはハワイ、ホノルルで開催された「ウクレレピクニックインハワイ2016」に参加。ハワイライブも大成功で収め、10月には初の東南アジアでのライブとなるThailand Ukulele Festival に参加。また現在は「HOME MADE TOUR」と題した全国ツアー中。


( Ukulele Lesson LeLeLe : )



Lina Lina, aka the ukulele mermaid, is a singer-songwriter who plays the ukulele, and who loves grapes.
She took her first piano lesson at age four and an ukulele she found at home launched her career as a musician. After spending some time in New York and Los Angeles, she released her debut album”getta” in 2002, followed by “LinaLina”, “Enjoy!” and “Ukulele Lesson LeLeLe”.
Lina Lina , Her ukulele instructional book, “Ukulele Songs You Can Play with Only Five Chords”
(published by Rittor Music) is a bestseller. Venues for her ukulele performances include cafes, live houses,
beachside and mountain music festivals. She also plays at hospitals and organizes live shows for children as well as ukulele workshops. Her music casts a magical spell on her audience as she performs in various ways.
Performances in Hawaii in May 2014 were a huge success. She performed nationwide during summer 2015 Don’s bar stage of Fuji Rock Festival and her long-waited new album, “HOME”, including
“MAINICHI GA ASHITA -Everyday belong to the future!- ” released 2015 fall.
She will perform at Ukulele Picnic in Hawaii 2014-2016. and Thailand Ukulele Festival 2016. And also She is on tour named “HOME Made Tour 2016” from June 2016 to 2017.
The ukulele mermaid always delivers peaceful and heartwarming vibrations (sounds).