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2021 11 12


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Merry Christmas from LinaLina tour 2021 の東京公演はjiccaにてお食事付きの小さなホームパーティー。①はお子様でも楽しめるHappyな Christmas show.②はワインに合うしっとりした演奏をお届け。どちらかお好きな方をご予約ください。完全2ステージ入れ替え制です。 予約は下記オンラインで。
A small home party with a Christmas dinner plate at the popular restaurant jicca in Hatagaya, Shibuya-ku. (1)Aloha Christmas live is a happy Christmas show that even children can enjoy. (2)Candle Christmas live is a live music that goes well with wine. Please reserve whichever you like. It is a complete two-stage replacement system. Please make a reservation by online ↓
(* (2)Candle Christmas live may not be able to be held in view of measures against infectious diseases and the number of people accommodated. Please make a reservation for (1)Aloha Christmas live if possible.)

12月22日 水曜
Home made Christmas party in jicca
カフェ ワイン jicca
東京都渋谷区西原2-27-4 升本ビル2F
TEL: 03-5738-2235

(1) Aloha Christmas live
Open 18:00 Live 19:00
料 金 : 5000yen(adult), 4000yen(kids 小6まで)
(including Special Christmas dinner plate & 1drink)
予 約 reservation

(2) Candle Christmas live
Open 20:30 Live 21:15
料 金 : 5000yen(adult)
(including Special Christmas dinner plate & 1drink)
予 約 reservation

出 演 : LinaLina (Uke,Vo), Akiko Yamazaki(Cello)

料 理 問い合せ  jicca 03-5738-2235
イベント 問い合せ